Baby Leo // Orange County Lifestyle Session

B a b y   L e o // Lifestyle Family Session

The Kydonief Family

If you know me, you must know I LOVE in-home lifestyle sessions. Why? Because I love to capture the RAW moments. I love capturing a child flying airplanes in the air, choo-chooing his trains on his track , using his imagination in his play space . I love to capture those everyday moments of parenthood, the not-so-perfect posed smiles. I love that stuff. Yes I just said stuff. I love real life. Parenthood. Childhood. These are the memories we get to keep forever, the ones we really do remember . Not to mention this in-home session just so happened to also have the perfect open natural light, with gorgeous neutral tones that every photographer dreams of.  We also had a great opportunity to capture  little Leo's love for his first pet cat (see images below). He LOVES his cat and so each time the cat came by, we got to document his excitement and sense of wonder. I love hanging out with families in their living space where its most comfortable for them, where they can feel themselves and be themselves. Their love for their new little guy shows and it is always an honor to be a part of such beautiful moments like this.