Yoga Instructor Leilani Hailey: Laguna Beach, CA.

Meet my sweet & talented-beyond-words friend Leilani Hailey. Not only can she bend and twist her body into positions I could barely think of let alone do, she is also a very talented make-up & hair artist! This woman wears many hats and is the jack of all trades! She strives for constant fitness and a healthy lifestyle with her vegan diet & daily yoga dedication. This woman amazes me with her many skills that she continues to work at with utter dedication. When she puts her mind to something, she is sure to accomplish it and that is one strength many admire! Her hard work is paying off as she is now even teaching at Core Power Yoga in Huntington Beach, CA. Go say hi! And maybe even stop by so she can give you the work out of your life! (My limbs don't bend like that so I myself have yet to get the bravery to stop by, ha.)