Potty Training . . . For every M&M your child eats, be prepared to eat five yourself.

Potty Training . . .So here you have it. A blog post that either repulses you (because who wants to read about a toddler pooping/peeing the in the toilet!?) or you actually relate to because you’re probably a mom yourself reading this agreeing to the victory a parent feels when their toddler  goes potty for the first time! Well, I’m writing this blog today because our little Audrey Ellie (18 months) nonchalantly decided it was her MAGICAL DAY today! Next, I’m going to assume that no readers are judging me for potty-training a kid who is so young.  I’m assuming you are simply reading with open minds, curious about my experience. 

Sign #1 for us! It all started about a week ago when she Audrey started to bring us her diaper & wipe box each and every time she needed a change. She simply started to realize it wasn’t comfortable sitting in all that gunk! 

The character potty: "Yes, Minnie mouse potties too“ I would tell her as she gave me the look of death stare. It didn’t matter what Minnie did , she wasn’t going to . Certainly this is sign of her becoming a leader in life and not a follower, I assured myself . Ha. Far leap ? OK.

Did we bribe her? Yes, why yes we did.  M&Ms’ are my lifesaver. (Time for a Costco run to stock up!) I know this is the classic no brainer trick everyone hears about when potty training their tod and some try endlessly yet it doesn't work for their toddler, but this little gal has inherited her mammas sweet tooth and is a sucker for anything chocolate! ( Tip #1 : Bribing your toddler with M&M’s? For every M&M your child eats, be prepared to eat five yourself. Yes its true. I need to reward myself for her (but kind of mommy's too, right?) accomplishment. Don’t judge. ) We offered M&M’s for sitting on the toilet, then M&M’s for pushing/trying, then for actually going and we "hip hip hoorayed" for even the slightest bit of effort we saw her give. We use to think “hey the less big deal you make of the potty, the more likely she will just do it on her own” but I threw that idea out the window the second I saw M&M’s transform my life & mommy’s clapping + victory dance seemed to excite her (and probably only her since my 8 yr old tends to roll her eyes embarrassed of her moms attempt to dance for a toddlers amusement ) 

Okay. .   okay..  so she went potty (BOTH #1 & #2) and it was only once and it just happened today but holy cow!!!!! This is life changing. (Yes, I’m a bit dramatic with excitement) I told myself “ I hope you like shaking wet turds out of a plastic potty and into the toilet, because this will be your life for quite a while now. Keep your nails short and your hair out of your face, this is not a joke. 

I realize I am writing this blog post prematurely setting myself up to bear the shame of regression where she may forget tomorrow how to even sit on her toilet or that she decides skittles are what she wants and is repulsed by M&M’s . I may  even turn into a 24 hour janitor who’s cleaning up pee off the floor. By no means is she considered  “potty trained” yet but I am going to jump for joy at the sign of her interest and update this blog with her progress throughout our journey . There you have it. 

Oh Audrey! I am such a proud mommy today!


Audrey is looking at me here , "Mom okay where’s my M&M? You see me trying to go potty”

(Not realizing she has to actually tinkle for the reward . Oh heck I’ll just give it to her and see if its more motivation for her to go !)