Sheanna + Jesse// Three Arch Beach Wedding // Laguna Beach Elopement // Elopement Photographer

S H E A N N A + J E S S E


This sweet couple came all the way from Seattle, Washington to elope somewhere along the coast of beautiful Southern California. They really wanted to capture their special day with the breeze of  the ocean on their faces so they decided on gorgeous Three Arch Beach in Laguna Beach, CA. Sheanna and Jesse are super laid back & private people, they wanted this time to be an intimate moment between just them and their son. (Which wait till you see, he is the cutest little groomsman you’ll ever see!) They had a few relatives who live in the Three Arch Bay community that also came to witness their beautiful ceremony on the beach. As Sheanna began walking down the steps, emotions ran over me as I was shooting her. This was my first elopement to ever shoot (I have done many weddings but no elopements) and it was such an incredible moment to witness her walking up to her soon-to-be husband as he awaited her in a secluded spot on the beach, just him. (Well besides their son , flower girl & officiant there ;) Ha.  AND (yes I just started a sentence with AND) the "officiant" was a long time friend which made this moment even MORE intimate, bringing lots more laughter + joy to their ceremony . 

Thank you for the incredible opportunity to capture your big day Sheanna + Jesse & CONGRATS on this new chapter in your lives!