Audrey Ellie // 11 months

My little munchkin rarely hits the blog but I had to share her 11 month milestone session because my goodness she is just a few short weeks from turning 1 year! Where on earth does the time even go?

If you have been following me you already know I document her each month and usually attempt to put the number blocks in there to remember her at that particular age. One more month until those number blocks sessions turn into "years" instead of "months". Eeeks. Can I press pause?

Audrey has completed our family and this last year has been the most amazing year yet - My

oldest, Jaelene, became an AMAZING big sister (will post her 8 year photos soon!) , we have

watched Audrey's many firsts . . . (first words, first foods, first steps, ) and been in joyful

tears watching her grow over this last 11 months, we have taken our first family vacations,

first family videos (w the GoPro of course) of bike rides, aquariums visits, first time at

Disneyland,  etc.  Audrey is like a blossoming flower that keeps on blossoming! She is now

walking, can say "mamma, ball, uh oh, and dadda", loves to clap and especially DANCE! She is a

BIG cuddle bug ! Her favorite food ever  is cream of spinach, I mean really? Who would have

thought right?! She has gotten tall and long and her baby rolls are slowly disappearing

which makes my heart sad because it's a reminder of just how soon she won't be a baby

anymore. She will always be my baby though ;)


I am in awe with both  my girls and every now and then they deserve to hit the blog so hope you enjoyed a little share from my life ;)