Lucas 1st birthday // NAVAjO theme // Orange County Event Photographer

lucas 1st birthday // NAVAjO theme 


This little Navajo themed first birthday was a blast and mommy literally did EVERY detail you see! She hand-crafted everything from the cake toppers to the chalkboard signs to the feathered hats! This DIY  NAVAJO themed party was incredible when it came down to details , this mamma didn't miss a single thing and put her entire heart into every piece of decor! Not to mention Lucas had a blast digging into his first birthday cake!  Love you little mister Lucas! <3 




Cakes: MegPie Pastries Shirt: Etsy shop: RusteriorThreads

Sweet Table: Oreo cookies: DIY dipped chocolate covered oreos S’more pops: DIY (pinterest) -straws from Joann’s (cut in half) -trays (purchased from Michaels (stained & added a card stock liner) “Thank You” bags : purchased from Joann’s, “Thank you” stickers from Joann’s, used a mixture of scrap booking paper and my arrow punch.

HBD Sign: Created on a word document and individually cut, added card stock at the tips to make it look like wood, whole punched the tips and added the twine.

Pin wheels: DIY youtube/pinterest

Arrow garland: DIY individually cut and glued on to twine

#1 block: DIY wrapped in ribbon, added twine at the top with feathers to give it that indian feel.

#1 photo display: DIY traced a “1” then cut from cardboard, created a stand for the back for balance, glued various pictures and trimmed along the sides.

“Camp Lucas” arrow: DIY traced and cut the arrow. Used stencils for the writing and free styled the teepee ( reword this one differently, i couldn’t think of a better way to say free styled ha!)

Headbands: DIY headbands,

What you will need: -Leather ribbon: purchased from Joann’s (SCORE!), about $1.77 a yard, depending on how big you want the leather to wrap around the head will determine your cost on this project. -Feathers: available at most your local craft stores -ribbon: to tie around the headband -hot glue gun

Cut the leather ribbon (I did 7”) Cut ribbon to glue on each end (I did 10” on each side, this length should accommodate the majority of your guest) Glue each end with a piece of ribbon Cut the tips of the feathers & glue feathers where desired (i decided to glue them in the middle) fold the leather strap in half so that the tips of the feathers are’t exposed & it seals the feathers and ribbon nicely

Fabric Banners: Fabric purchased from hobby lobby

Succulents: DIY containers were thrifted from various thrift stores. Succulents purchased from flea markets.

Teepee centerpieces: (pinterest) Materials: -Party hat -paper of your choice -sticks -twine -glue gun

Open up a party hat (this will be your stencil) Trace it onto the paper Glue it onto one of the party hats still in tact Add sticks in the center of the teepee, cut accordingly. Add twine at the tip to tighten the sticks & give it the “rope” effect Cut an opening for the teepee entry

Cake bunting: DIY purchased mini wood banner shaped chips from Michaels, stained them, used a chalk marker to write “ONE”, glued it onto twine and added some arrows

High chair banner: DIY Burlap purchased from walmart, used stencil for the letters, added twine & feathers at the ends to give it that indian look.

Chalkboard: DIY stained purchased from Hobby Lobby

Arrows: DIY (pinterest) -Used decorative tape on some parts, then painted in the between. I added feathers to the top and used brown card stock to create an arrow tip at the bottom.