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L i f e s t y l e // Some fun shots of my munchkins as they get settled into their new rooms in the new house .. It’s been chaotic since we are in the process of moving but when I take a moment to sit down to watch my girls play like this I am reminded it’s all worth it. I am reminded to slow down, the packed boxes can unpack later, the laundry can wait , the dishes can wait- because these girls are my world and time is so precious. I love love watching them play and love when they are using imaginative play. It is as if time freezes and nothing else around us is as important as living this very moment. My oldest loves to sing, dance and is creative at heart. She can make something from nothing - I want her to remember these times in her childhood forever . 

               Capturing their childhood is so rewarding as a mommy.

Jaelene to Audrey -> “Audrey did you really just take all my clean pajamas and unfold them and drag them everywhere? "

Audrey silent pause. Then a pose. haha