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Alessia & Jeff Citro San Clemente Maternity Session | Orange County Maternity Photographer | Newport Beach Maternity Photographer | Calafia State Beach San Clemente, CA Maternity Session

Alessia & Jeff Citro San Clemente Maternity Session | Orange County Maternity Photographer | Newport Beach Maternity Photographer | Calafia State Beach San Clemente, CA Maternity Session


These two were a gem to photograph. When I had first arrived to their session, my settings on my camera felt different, and my camera was not focusing , it was shooting blurry shots so I knew it had something to do with calibration or focus. They were full of grace and understanding, and I could feel their trust in me as I problem solved . Even though on the inside I panicked, wondering if my camera was malfunctioning or broken perhaps- I then remembered I handed my camera to a guy at a wedding to jump in a photo this past weekend - and he changed my settings to manual focus 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 Long story short, I’ve had some tough days since my husband’s been gone for work for 6 months- juggling the business and my little ones at home alone, most days I feel like I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off... but meeting clients who were patient/understanding showing me so much grace in a moment where things didn’t go as planned , made me feel so grateful, made me eager to capture magical shots for them as we connected with eachother even more during our session . Show some grace to someone you love today, I promise it will mean the world to them.

Also, how awesome is Calafia State beach in San Clemente with its diversity of scenery? Alessia & Jeff wanted a beach that offered different scenery for their maternity session aside from just the open sand, so we utilized the rocky boulder areas, lifeguard tower and walked down to the water at sunset. It was a gorgeous evening with that soft diffused light we photogs always love ;)


FATHER’S DAY 2015 // A tribute on the blog that is more personal // Calafia Beach Family Session

This Father’s Day I wanted to do a tribute on the blog that is more personal. I wanted to share with you my favorite humans  who make my heart burst with love each day.

Usually I am blogging all the family sessions I do each week but this week on the blog I share with you the most special three people to my heart.

Often I find myself unable to slow down and take time to document/photograph my own family's milestones but today I share with you some personal mushy-right-from-the-heart stuff , right here - on the blog. 

So in honor of Father's Day this year I begged these guys to let me photograph them , let's be real I begged HIM more then I had to our kids , ha.

 This amazing man you see , daddy to our two girls + the glue that holds our family together, the man of my dreams (yes I just got THAT cheesy ) - is the BEST daddy that a woman could ask for . He is so many amazing things - for starters , an incredible role model to our girls- they look up to him day in and day out , he is a teacher when they seek patient guidance & want to learn new things or have questions mommy can't answer , he is the rationalizer when their are meltdowns (because lets face it , with him up against this much  estrogen in the family it can sometimes be emotional , ha), he is the incredible provider for our family, works harder then any man I know and sometimes doesn't get to celebrate days like his own birthday or fathers day , yet never complains ; he is the fixer when plumbing in the house goes awry or toys break we are thankful for the comfort of knowing that whatever goes wrong daddy will be there to fix it , he is the playmate , a great jungle gym to our girls at 6am when they are jumping on the bed with high energy on a Saturday -interacting and roughhousingwith them on his not-so-willing early morning rise but you know what? He does it with laughter and a smile on his face. He is the listener when our oldest has a story from school to tell us or wants daddy to sit and chat, he is  the disciplinarian, when I’m a softie he helps the children learn proper boundaries and consequences which I'll admit I'm not always good at... He is the caregiver , the one who encourages our girls to always soar in areas of their interest and giftedness, the one who taught our oldest how to ride a bike while shes pedaling away in tears saying "I can't do it" . . .

 I could literally list all the ways I feel he is the number one daddy, but their isn’t a blog long enough - LAST OF ALL, he is OUR ROCK . This incredible daddy is the reason us girls smile everyday ! 

So, if you’re reading this my love,  please know we love you to the ends of the world and back.

Forever and always . 

 Love, your girls. 

PS: Thank you for always letting me torture you with taking your pictures like I’m paparazzi! These girls will love having these documented memories with you!

Audrey: Age 14 months //  Jaelene: Age 8years


The Rich’s Family Session // Orange County Family Photographer // Calafia State Beach Family Session

I met this sweet little family about 6 months ago when they asked me to document their first little boy arriving to this world. Baby Bolton is one of the most handsome little newborns I have ever seen and here he is, 6 months later, still as handsome as ever! This family session was so much fun to shoot because of all his little expressions, not to mention the location was killer! This is Calafia State Beach in San Clemente, CA. I love this spot because of its versatility , it has a train that goes by that my kids love watching  and it has these gorgeous huge boulders that overlook the ocean .  One of the sweetest families ever, a location like this + a baby boy with all smiles -  I mean seriously, what more can you ask for in a session?